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https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/JULIO_ADCP_2022.subset https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/JULIO_ADCP_2022 https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/JULIO_ADCP_2022.graph https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/files/JULIO_ADCP_2022/ public Julio ADCP current measurements, 2022 JULIO (Judicious Location for Intrusions Observations) mooring is located close to the 100 m-deep isobath (around 5.25?E and 43.13?N), offshore Marseille. With its bottom-moored (300kHz) Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), it enables measuring horizontal currents (every 4 m and every 30 minutes) through the water column, and among others, identifying periods of exchange between the Northern Current and the continental shelf.\n\ncdm_data_type = Other\nVARIABLES:\nSTATION (Station identifier)\ndepth (DEPH of measurement, m)\ntime (seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z)\nlatitude (Latitude of each location, degrees_north)\nlongitude (Longitude of each location, degrees_east)\nMPMN (Moored instrument DEPH, m)\nEWCT (Eastward Sea Water Velocity, m s-1)\nNSCT (Northward Sea Water Velocity, m s-1)\nVCSP (Bottom-top current component, m s-1)\nERVV (Error velocity, m s-1)\nCSPD (Speed mean of water current in the water body, m s-1)\nCDIR (Direction (towards) of water current in the water body, m s-1)\nECI1 (Echo intensity per beam 1, count)\nECI2 (Echo intensity per beam 2, count)\nECI3 (Echo intensity per beam 3, count)\nECI4 (Echo intensity per beam 4, count)\nPGB1 (Pings received as a percentage of pings sent per beam 1, percent)\nPGB2 (Pings received as a percentage of pings sent per beam 2, percent)\nPGB3 (Pings received as a percentage of pings sent per beam 3, percent)\nPGB4 (Pings received as a percentage of pings sent per beam 4, percent)\nQCflag (Overall quality flag, 1)\nTIME_QC (Time quality flag, 1)\nPOSITION_QC (Position quality flag, 1)\nEWCT_QC (Overall quality flag, 1)\nNSCT_QC (Overall quality flag, 1)\nVCSP_QC (Overall quality flag, 1)\n https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/fgdc/xml/JULIO_ADCP_2022_fgdc.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/iso19115/xml/JULIO_ADCP_2022_iso19115.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/info/JULIO_ADCP_2022/index.htmlTable https://dataset.osupytheas.fr/geonetwork/srv/fre/catalog.search;jsessionid=2CA212C4AE3E6178F901C9DE2EA2EC98#/metadata/ap_mio_20231114 (external link) http://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/rss/JULIO_ADCP_2022.rss https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/subscriptions/add.html?datasetID=JULIO_ADCP_2022&showErrors=false&email= MIO UMR7294 CNRS / OSU Pytheas JULIO_ADCP_2022

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