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https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0.subset https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0 https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0.graph https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/files/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0/ public OSCAHR CRUISE SADCP Tethys data The scientific objectives of the OSCAHR (Observing Submesoscale Coupling At High Resolution) project are to characterize a submesoscale dynamical structure and to study its influence on the distribution of biogenic elements and on the structure and dynamics of the first trophic levels associated with it\n\ncdm_data_type = TrajectoryProfile\nVARIABLES:\nREFERENCE_DATE_TIME (Date of reference julian day)\nJULD (Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME)\ntime (ADCP Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME, seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z)\nJULD_j1 (Begin Ensemble Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME)\nJULD_j2 (End Ensemble Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME)\nDATE_TIME_UTC (ASCII gregorian date and time)\nCAS_DATE_FLAG (Flag on date)\nlatitude (Latitude of each location, degrees_north)\nlongitude (Longitude of each location, degrees_east)\nUVEL_SHIP (Eastward Sea Water Velocity At Sea Floor, meter per second)\nVVEL_SHIP (Northward Sea Water Velocity At Sea Floor, meter per second)\ndepth (Depth of bin center, m)\nTEMP_ADCP (ADCP transducer temperature, Degree_Celsius)\nHDG (Ship Heading, Degree)\nHDG_G1 (Ship Heading G1, Degree)\nHDG_G2 (Ship Heading G2, Degree)\nPTCH (Ship Pitch, Degree)\nROLL (Ship Roll, Degree)\nNB_ENS_AVE (Number of averaged pings per ensemble)\nU_BOTTOM (Bottom Track Eastward velocity, meter per second)\nV_BOTTOM (Bottom Track Northward velocity, meter per second)\nW_BOTTOM (Bottom Track Vertical velocity, meter per second)\nRNG_BOTTOM (Bottom Range, meter)\nUVEL_ADCP (Eastward Sea Water Velocity, meter per second)\n... (29 more variables)\n https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/fgdc/xml/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0_fgdc.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/iso19115/xml/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0_iso19115.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/info/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0/index.htmlTable https://oscahr.mio.osupytheas.fr/ (external link) http://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/rss/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0.rss https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/subscriptions/add.html?datasetID=dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0&showErrors=false&email= MIO UMR 7294 CNRS / OSU Pytheas dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0
https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/griddap/SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/griddap/SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d.graph https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/files/SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d/ public Symphonie 2D (X, Y) mesh file \"SIM7_3km_2001_2009\" experiment. These simulations are performed in the framework of the LATEX project\n            Project Web Site:\n            http://www.mio.univ-amu.fr/LATEX\n            Review Paper:\n            Petrenko, A.A., Doglioli, A.M., Nencioli, F., Kersale, M., Hu, Z., d'Ovidio, F. (accepted). A review of the LATEX project: mesoscale to submesoscale processes in a coastal environment. Ocean Dynam., doi:10.1007/s10236-017-1040-9.\n\n            For detailed information on the model implementation the reader is referred to:\n            - Hu, Z.H., Petrenko, A.A., Doglioli, A.M., Dekeyser, I. (2011). Numerical study of eddy generation in the western part of the Gulf of Lion. J. Geophys. Res., Vol.116, C12030, doi:10.1029/2011JC007074.\n            - Kersale, M., Petrenko, A.A., Doglioli, A.M., Dekeyser, I., Nencioli, F. (2013). Physical characteristics and dynamics of the coastal Latex09 Eddy derived from in situ data and numerical modeling. J. Geophys. Res., Vol.118, pp.1-11, doi:10.1029/2012JC008229\n\ncdm_data_type = Grid\nVARIABLES (all of which use the dimensions [Y][X]):\nbathy_m (bathymetry, m)\nlat (latitude, degrees_north)\nlat2 (latitude2, degrees_north)\nlat3 (latitude3, degrees_north)\nlon (longitude, degrees_east)\nlon2 (longitude2, degrees_east)\nlon3 (longitude3, degrees_east)\nmask_m (mask, m)\nnbniv (Number of levels type 1)\n https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/info/SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d/index.htmlTable https://dx.doi.org/10.1029/2011JC007074 (external link) http://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/rss/SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d.rss https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/subscriptions/add.html?datasetID=SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d&showErrors=false&email= MIO UMR7294 CNRS / OSU Pytheas SIM7_3km_2001_2009_mesh2d

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