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https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023.subset https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023 https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023.graph https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/files/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023/ public EMSO-LO Western Ligurian : BJS_Bathydock, ADCP sensor (NetCDF files from 2023-09-20 The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory (EMSO) is a research infrastructure distributed throughout Europe for seabed and water column observatories.  It aims to further explore the oceans, better understand the phenomena that occur on the seabed, and elucidate the critical role that these phenomena play in global Earth systems.  This observatory is based on observation sites (or nodes) that have been deployed in strategic locations in European seas, from the Arctic to the Atlantic, from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.  There are currently eleven deep water nodes plus four shallow water test nodes.  EMSO Western Ligurian (EMSO-WL) is one of these permanent underwater observatories located in the Ligurian Sea and is deployed off Toulon, France. This region was chosen for its particular scientific interests such as: seismicity, topography, turbidity, biodiversity, water mass dynamics and organic matter flow.  This underwater observation network is located close by KM3NeT (https://www.km3net.org/) which has a modular topology designed to connect up to 120 neutrino detection units. Earth and Sea Science (ESS) instrumentation at the EMSO-WL station is based on two complementary components: an instrumented interface module (MII) and an autonomous instrumented line (ALBATROSS) as well as a junction box (BJS). The BathyFamily is a package of innovative multi-instrumented platforms to observe the deep sea. BathyBot is an Internet Operated Vehicle (IOV) deployed from a landing station (BathyDock), and close to BathyReef a 3D-printed biomimetic colonizer.\n\ncdm_data_type = TimeSeries\nVARIABLES:\nlatitude (degrees_north)\nlongitude (degrees_east)\nPOSITION_QC (quality flag for position)\ndepth (depth of measurements, m)\nDEPH_QC (Profondeur quality flag)\ntime (time of measurements, seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z)\nTIME_QC (Time quality flag)\nHEAD (Heading, degrees)\nHead_QC (Heading quality code)\nPITCH (degrees)\nPitch_QC (Pitch quality code)\n... (26 more variables)\n https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/fgdc/xml/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023_fgdc.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/iso19115/xml/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023_iso19115.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/info/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023/index.htmlTable https://www.seadatanet.org/ (external link) http://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/rss/EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023.rss https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/subscriptions/add.html?datasetID=EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023&showErrors=false&email= MIO UMR 7294 CNRS / OSU Pytheas EMSO_LO_BJS_ADCP_NCF_2023
https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0.subset https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0 https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/tabledap/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0.graph https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/files/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0/ public OSCAHR CRUISE SADCP Tethys data The scientific objectives of the OSCAHR (Observing Submesoscale Coupling At High Resolution) project are to characterize a submesoscale dynamical structure and to study its influence on the distribution of biogenic elements and on the structure and dynamics of the first trophic levels associated with it\n\ncdm_data_type = TrajectoryProfile\nVARIABLES:\nREFERENCE_DATE_TIME (Date of reference julian day)\nJULD (Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME)\ntime (ADCP Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME, seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z)\nJULD_j1 (Begin Ensemble Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME)\nJULD_j2 (End Ensemble Julian day relative to REFERENCE_DATE_TIME)\nDATE_TIME_UTC (ASCII gregorian date and time)\nCAS_DATE_FLAG (Flag on date)\nlatitude (Latitude of each location, degrees_north)\nlongitude (Longitude of each location, degrees_east)\nUVEL_SHIP (Eastward Sea Water Velocity At Sea Floor, meter per second)\nVVEL_SHIP (Northward Sea Water Velocity At Sea Floor, meter per second)\ndepth (Depth of bin center, m)\nTEMP_ADCP (ADCP transducer temperature, Degree_Celsius)\nHDG (Ship Heading, Degree)\nHDG_G1 (Ship Heading G1, Degree)\nHDG_G2 (Ship Heading G2, Degree)\nPTCH (Ship Pitch, Degree)\nROLL (Ship Roll, Degree)\nNB_ENS_AVE (Number of averaged pings per ensemble)\nU_BOTTOM (Bottom Track Eastward velocity, meter per second)\nV_BOTTOM (Bottom Track Northward velocity, meter per second)\nW_BOTTOM (Bottom Track Vertical velocity, meter per second)\nRNG_BOTTOM (Bottom Range, meter)\nUVEL_ADCP (Eastward Sea Water Velocity, meter per second)\n... (29 more variables)\n https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/fgdc/xml/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0_fgdc.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/metadata/iso19115/xml/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0_iso19115.xml https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/info/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0/index.htmlTable https://oscahr.mio.osupytheas.fr/ (external link) http://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/rss/dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0.rss https://erddap.osupytheas.fr/erddap/subscriptions/add.html?datasetID=dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0&showErrors=false&email= MIO UMR 7294 CNRS / OSU Pytheas dataOSCAHR_dd2c_0f9d_b6b0

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